Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Writings of the Paper

I got a late start on the paper assignment for this week. The paper was based on "The Working Poor". David Shipler is a very interesting person, and thus, an engaging author. I enjoyed writing the paper and tried to use previous constructive criticism to better my paper.
I had fun researching Mr. Shipler. I sort of felt like a detective, trying to discover what I can about the author. I did not have time to go to the library and research the author, even though it was part of the assignment. But I found plenty of information online, cross referencing the information for credibility. I used a lot of internet resources to write my paper.
I wrote the three sections together, trying to make them flow as I wrote them. I thought this approach would be more ideal, rather than writing each section separately, and trying to make them flow afterward.
When writing papers and the like, I tend to write too many words. If there is a minimum of 1,000 words, I will often write more like 1,600 words. Not in this case. I had trouble filling the 2 pages of the middle content! I thought this was interesting.
All in all, it was a good assignment. I like how Ms. Jordan graduates each assignment with more words and more thought processes.
~Laurel May~

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