Monday, March 15, 2010

My Research Project

I am very excited to start this research project. I think it will be an educational paper to research and write. I will write about the moral aspect of the changes in the American Dream. Attitudes that circle around money, people with lazy attitudes, the selfishness of our society today, those who feel victimized by society, the changes in women in the workforce. These things will be some of the moral viewpoints that influence the AD that I will write about. I would like to touch on how America likes to push our perfect American Dream down on other countries, wishing to change cultures worldwide. I think that this will be of interest because the moral downgrade of our society is something that affects everyone.
Since this is a research project, I am becoming aware that I will learn most by doing a variety of research. I plan on spending time at the city library researching stories. I will use the internet to find statistics and recent news stories. I hope to conduct a few interviews as well, with some different age groups.
I would think that any good research project will give both views of the topic. I hope to erase any bias I have by talking with those who oppose my views, and researching the opposite topic online. I know that I must substantiate my points with different sources, because this gives the point much more credibility.
I am extremely excited to start this project. I will try to take on an attitude of a detective working on his most recent case. I have concern because I do not have a whole lot of experience writing a research paper, but I know I can, and will, get over it.
~Laurel May~

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