Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chunking Assignment

My chunking assignment came together quite nicely. I created an introduction chunk, a body chunk (composed of sub chunks) and a conclusion chunk. The sub chunks included:

“The Productivity Nation and the Lazy Attitude”
“The Feminist Attitude”
“The Money Center Attitude”
“The Convenience Attitude”

Each of these sub chunks do not depend on the others in order to flow nicely, so I did not put them in any sort of very specific order.
My plan worked very nicely. I started to build up each of the 4 moral attitudes that I have researched have changed the American Dream. It came about relatively easy because of all the research that I have done.
I found the chunking assignment to help my writing immensely. It is easier on the brain to view a paper in chunks, and it almost makes more sense to us.
~Laurel May~

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Details on Progress of Research

My research project has been coming along okay. I have just completed the website evaluation review, and that was very interesting. I learned a lot about evaluating website through that project and the information will be very useful as I research my subject. One lowlight for me is that I haven’t gotten as much done on my project as I would have liked. I will try not to procrastinate because, not only is this a class assignment, but it is something that I am very interested in myself.
I went to the library today and researched some books related to morals in America. I have found it a bit hard to find sources that fit the vision I was thinking of. But I know that there is so much information out there and I must be persistent. I have always been a an watcher of society, so the subject will come naturally to me.
The annotated bibliography is coming along okay, and I plan on finishing that within a few days. This project will help me a lot on my research. I have realized that many of these assignments and sources we are given are helping us a lot on this project.
I think that my subject will include a lot of opinion, so I know that I will have to be careful of this because too much opinion and not enough fact will not make for a very good research project!
I constantly hear different things about the American Dream and the morals of America and I plan on conducting an interview or two for some personal view points of this.
~Laurel May~