Friday, May 21, 2010

Reserach Project and Class Summary

This research project has been very momentous. I learned so much through this assignment and I rather enjoyed it. The one major thing that I really learned is that you have to give a lot of time for any research project. There are endless research sources in this big wide world and, in order to do a just job of finding the facts, you must give it your all plus more.
I realized that Americans are passionate about morality when it comes to their children. We want the best for our kids. But when it comes to redesigning some of our attitudes and means to getting things, we have a bit of a harder time. American culture has become very money and material orientated. Morality does have major effects on the American Dream and I centered around some of the changes in our society that have brought on those effects. These changes include attitudes about money, feminism, convenience and laziness in America. Changes in how we view life and individual American dreams have abounded in our Country and we see these changes reflected in our future generations.
My two main types of resources have been books and the internet. I also talked to people about how they viewed the American Dream. I liked presenting my research in a website format. I thought it was very interesting and practical. It was practical because people can actually use it and read the information in a familiar website arrangement.
This English class has taught me a lot. It challenged my discipline because it was a strictly online course. I learned that I may do better in face to face classes because I tend to forget about my online assignments! I really enjoyed reading some of the books though, and learning how to research an in depth project.
Thanks to Ms. Joni Jordan for a class well-taught. I had a great time. 
~Laurel May~