Monday, March 22, 2010

My Research Project Research. =)

My research question is this: “How does the American Dream affect our morality?” This question interested me very much because I have always been interested in figuring problems out that exist in today’s society. And often it comes back to morality. We are on a moral decline and I would like to pinpoint how this affects our morality and vise versa. I am very interested in the moral aspect of the American Dream.
I am not one hundred percent sure what I will find in my research. I know that the pursuit of the American Dream has led to a decline in American’s values, but I do not want to be too biased going into this project. I want to have an open mind, as any good researcher would.
I will probably start my research online, honestly. I will check out websites like and . I will then continue on into the library and interviews.
I do not have a backup plan because I am confident that this one will pan out. This will not backfire because I am very interested in the subject. I have always been a flaneur and this topic is one that I have observed steadily.
~Laurel May~

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