Friday, January 22, 2010

Hola, my name is Laurel May Henderson. I am currently a business major Student at the College of the Sequoias. Now, growing up, I was never a little girl who dreamt of becoming a “Business Woman”. I am interested in this now, however, in pursuit of opening a bakery. I want to do this with my Sister, Lacey. We have always loved baking and cooking and I learned so much of what I know from my Mom. I am going to transfer to Fresno State in Spring 2011.

I am in love with the mountains and any of God’s raw creation. It sparks something in me and I constantly can’t wait to “get back”. This is referring to getting back to the mountains. I believe there is something in all of us that wants to get back, whether we know it or not.

I love adventures. Adventures could consist of a road trip, a power outage, running out of gasoline, spending time with good friends, babysitting your nephew and/or nieces, getting on an airplane, your class being cancelled, etc. Life consists of adventures.

I am an artist, but I think that everyone is such. It is my opinion that every one of us holds artistic potential even though you are probably saying “I can draw stick figures!” or “I am not creative”. I believe that we were made in God’s Image, and He is, obviously, the Ultimate Artist, so we must carry this potential as well. But it gets buried. Buried in running around everyone and trying to do everything without stopping to smell the roses. I do this too.

I love my family and hold them in high esteem. I am very happy to have such a family and thank God that He gave me the ones I have.

I am very excited to take my first online class and love school in general. We take our country for granted and are lucky to have the opportunity to learn so much and to be a part in such a grand adventure. Look forward to meeting everyone!

~Laurel May~


  1. Hey Laurel, nice to "meet" you too. I checked out those clay homes and they are cool. Very interesting. No, I am not an architect artist. I like to do more figure drawing, so people and very detailed life portraits. I have not taken a class with Flores, but have taken classes with Laura Melancon and Benjamin Britton, both are amazing artists and great teachers. Maybe we can exchange some of our art, I would like to see some of your work.

  2. Hi Laurel--

    I see that Gilbert has already connected with you. I was going to suggest that, as I know he's an artist, too!

    I can see why you came so highly recommended! Great intro and I love that you are posting on others' blogs, too. You're going to be a great online student!